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Mastercard Sofia Airport Digital Experience

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Project Details

We're thrilled to showcase our latest triumph – the Mastercard Sofia Airport Digital Experience. This innovative project, developed using Webflow, redefines travel engagement at Sofia Airport Terminal 2.


Mastercard aimed to enhance the arrivals experience at Sofia Airport by providing travelers with personalized city recommendations. Our mission was to design and implement a user-friendly digital questionnaire, accessible on a large touchscreen TV in portrait mode.

Key Features

Sleek Webflow Design: Our team seamlessly translated Mastercard's vision into an engaging design, ensuring simplicity and ease of use on a large touchscreen. The interface captures attention while maintaining a user-friendly environment.

Personalized City Recommendations: Travelers can now explore Sofia like never before with our digital questionnaire. The project curates personalized recommendations, ensuring a tailored experience based on individual preferences.

Portrait Mode Optimization: Specifically designed for a large touchscreen TV in portrait mode, our implementation focuses on optimizing the user interface for a seamless and visually pleasing interaction.

Ease of Use and Simplicity: Key considerations during development included prioritizing ease of use and simplicity to guarantee a smooth user experience. The digital questionnaire ensures that travelers effortlessly access valuable city insights.


The Mastercard Sofia Airport Digital Experience has transformed the arrivals section into an interactive travel hub. Travelers now receive personalized city recommendations effortlessly, enhancing their overall journey. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative web solutions, showcasing the seamless integration of design, development, and technology.


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