Interpack Event Booking System for Plastchim

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Project Details

We are thrilled to showcase our successful collaboration with Plastchim, a leading Bulgarian company, on the creation of a comprehensive web design project tailored for their participation in the prestigious Interpack event.


Plastchim aimed to elevate their presence at Interpack by introducing a cutting-edge booking system for their sales agents, streamlining the process for customers to schedule meetings effortlessly. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate Calendly into a sophisticated landing page, designed using Webflow, offering a user-friendly experience for both clients and Plastchim's sales team.

Key Features

  1. Effortless Booking System: We implemented a robust booking system using Calendly, allowing customers to effortlessly schedule meetings with Plastchim's sales agents during the Interpack event.
  2. Invitation and RSVP Page: A dedicated landing page was crafted to extend invitations to potential clients. The page not only provided information about Plastchim's new product but also offered a seamless RSVP experience, enabling invited individuals to register for the event through a user-friendly contact form.
  3. Webflow Integration: Leveraging the power of Webflow, we designed an aesthetically pleasing and responsive landing page that effectively communicated Plastchim's brand identity and the essence of the Interpack event.
  4. Event Information Page: In addition to the booking system, we created a complementary page to showcase details about an event organized by Plastchim within Interpack. This page served as a one-stop-shop for invited individuals, facilitating event awareness and providing an easy-to-use registration form.


The project culminated in the successful launch of a comprehensive web solution that exceeded Plastchim's expectations. The booking system streamlined the scheduling process, enhancing the efficiency of sales interactions during the event. The inviting and informative landing pages, built with Webflow, contributed to an enhanced online presence for Plastchim, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and potential clients.

Our collaboration with Plastchim exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored web solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. The Interpack Event Booking System stands as a testament to the seamless integration of technology, design, and functionality, resulting in a successful digital representation for Plastchim at the Interpack event.


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